Cris and Fran are sisters with complementing skillsets that make for a well executed, visually pleasing event.

Fran's magic is in negotiating and organization, two extremely important aspects of wedding planning. Having been in the wedding business for almost a decade, Fran has experience working with a plethora of vendors to match your needs and aesthetic. Fran is a stickler when it comes to staying within or near your budget, respecting the client's hard work in the process to getting to this point. Fran has been in the wedding business since 2006, previously as Simply Perfect by Fran.

Cris' magic is in the design and big picture vision, also two paramount aspects of a memorable event. Cris is acutely well versed in flowers, invitations, and food. In addition to being a lover of all things beautiful, Cris is a stickler about price-per-unit and cost-relative-to-result.

While the two have harmonizing skillsets, Fran and Cris do have these in common: 

  • They sincerely love weddings
  • They are consummate professionals
  • They are addicted to the high after a fun, well-planned party
  • They take hospitality seriously; your guests deserve to feel like royalty
  • They know it is all about YOU

On a personal level, Cris & Fran are sisters who are best friends. Don't be mistaken: they are extremely different from each other. Together, they truly enjoy the process of event planning and effective execution.  And finally, the two are excellent personal party throwers with an impeccable reputation with their guests for having extremely fun and hospitality-focused parties (maybe they get it from their mom, Tess, who no one will argue is an expert at this). Fran lives in Altadena with her husband and 3 children- Jaenna 7, Evan 4, and Max almost 2. Cris lives in Manhattan Beach with her husband and daughter, Chelsea, 2. 


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